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The Grudge Producer Files Lawsuit Against Good Universe Production Company

Good Universe is a production company that currently holds the rights to the next remake of the Grudge series. The series, which is originally from Japan and known as Ju-On has been a wildly successful horror franchise since the early 2000’s. The series has grossed more than a quarter of a billion dollars worldwide. The original producer of the first Ju-On film, Taka Ichise, sold the rights for a fee and a producer credit on the new film. He claims he hasn’t received his producer credit yet. A lawsuit has been filed in the Los Angeles superior court over the producer credit and ability to produce on the film. Ichise has called this a willful breach of contract on Good Universe’s end. Ichise has worked on every film in the series to date and claims his ability to work on the current film is being blocked. Ichise claims ...

Chicago Rapper King Louie Sues for Breach of Contract

Chicago native and drill rapper King Louie has sued his Chicago based record label for breach of contract. Louie, whose real name is Louie Johnson, is suing Lawless Inc. in the Cook County Circuit Court. He is suing because he met the requirements of a recording contract where he had to put out 5 albums in 5 years. Lawless allegedly breached the contract by not making royalty payments to Louie. Louie has since demanded access to books and records. When Louie received some financial records he alleged that the report did not add up to the amount of money he is owed for his works. He cannot ascertain how much he should have received. He is suing for $50,000 in damages and the amount of money he should have received in royalties. If you have a breach of contract claim, contact Thomas E. Patterson at tpatterson@patterso...

Woman Sues Nationwide for Breach of Contact

A Charleston woman is suing Nationwide General Insurance Company after she claims it breached its contract with her. There was a fire at a property owned by Linda Blevins. The fire caused property damage. The complaint was filed in Logan Circuit Court on June 19th and was moved up to federal court July 24th. Blevins claims that her policy was in full effect the day of the fire. Nationwide issued a reservation of rights letter to the plaintiff. Some petroleum distillate was found in samples from her property. Her policy specifically excluded increased hazards and intentional acts. Blevins stated that Nationwide has no evidence to say that she contributed to an increased hazard on her property. Blevins is seeking compensatory and punitive damages with pre- and post-judgment interest.  If you have a breach of contra...

State of New Mexico Sues Oil Company for Breach of Contract

The state of New Mexico is suing a Texas oil company for breach of contract because it did not comply with a settlement. The settlement stated that abandoned oil wells in southern New Mexico needed to be plugged and remediated. Siana Oil agreed to plug one oil well in New Mexico and then clean up contaminated chemical waste at other sites before resuming work in the state. The state of New Mexico now claims that the company owes $147,000 in penalties and possibly several hundred thousand more dollars due to daily fines. In addition to the breach of the agreement the state of New Mexico also alleged violations of the state Oil and Gas Act. If you have a breach of contract claim contact Thomas E. Patterson at (312)-233-1699 or

UFC Management Company Sues Fighter for Breach of Contract

Nate Diaz, a UFC fighter, has been sued by the Ballengee Group in Dallas County Court District. Diaz terminated his contract for representation by Ballengee before UFC fight 202. Ballengee alleges that Diaz committed theft, breach of contract, fraud, and civil conspiracy. Diaz convinced Leslie Smith, another fighter represented by Ballengee, to leave the management company. Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz’s brother was also represented by Ballengee. Ballengee claims they have not received fair compensation for their representation through multiple Diaz fights. The complaint states that Ballengee is seeking more than $1 Million in damages against Nate Diaz. 

Qualcomm Hit With Shareholder Dispute for Creating Too Many Lawsuits

Without acknowledging the Irony, Qualcomm’s shareholders have sued the company because it got sued. Qualcomm has been sued for breach of contract by Apple. Apple is currently refusing to pay the company for their chips until pending litigation is over. Qualcomm has been sued for a securities and exchange violation by the FTC. They’ve been sued by chip developers for unfair competition in their licensing. Qualcomm’s shareholders are adding another one, suing Qualcomm because of the number of lawsuits against Qualcomm. If you have a shareholder dispute, breach of contract, or unfair competition claim contact Thomas E. Patterson or Patterson Law Firm at or (312)-223-1699. 

Houston Couple Sues Construction Company for Breach of Contract

A couple filed a complaint in the Harris County Circuit Court of Texas against Overstreet Builders inc. They alleged failure to fulfill its contractual duty to the plaintiffs. The couple commissioned a single family residence. The development faced multiple challenges and the deadline for completion was extended several times. The plaintiffs then alleged that the work was unfinished when “completed” and the delays were not charged properly. This led to an extra $266,500 in costs incurred by the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs are seeking trial by jury, actual damages, pre- and post-judgment interest, costs, and attorney fees.  If you have a breach of contract complaint contact Thomas E. Patterson or Patterson Law Firm at or (312)-223-1699. 

HGTV Settles Breach of Contract/Product Disparagement Suit

HGTV was sued by two North Carolina homeowners for breach of contract, faulty workmanship, and unauthorized retention of funds for a filming of the show Love It Or List It. HGTV countersued for libel, slander, and product disparagement. On April 21st the parties filed a joint motion to dismiss the case. The Court of Appeals dismissed the case shortly thereafter. The settlement is confidential. If you have a product disparagement complaint, contact Thomas E. Patterson or Patterson Law Firm at or (312)-223-1699. 

Ghanian Company, Quantum sues IFC of the World Bank Group and OPEC for Breach of Contract

Quantum Oil Terminals Limited, a Ghanaian company has brought the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the OPEC Fund to the Accra High Court of Ghana for breach of contract and discrimination. Quantum claims a breach of written contract for failure to fund construction of an oil storage facility. Because the money was not loaned in time, Quantum got money elsewhere at a 12% rate, rather than the rate in the IFC contract. The financing delay caused Quantum to miss a regulations deadline to build the storage facility. Sanctions were imposed for that failure. Quantum is seeking damages at $41,319,123 because the two companies didn’t loan $16 million to build the facility. If you have a breach of contract complaint, contact Tom Patterson or Patterson Law Firm at or (312)-223-1699.&...

Former Professor Sues University of Louisville for Fraud and Breach of Contract

Matt Bohm began work at the University of Louisville (U of L) in 2010 with a plan to be on a tenure track. His contract was negotiated to include a Ph.D. candidate to conduct research with him. Professor Bohm alleges that the people who approved the contract knew that they could not give what was offered.  U of L could not hire a Ph.D. candidate to assist Professor Bohm which negatively impacted his ability to become a tenured professor. One of the specific reasons for him not becoming tenured was not graduating a Ph.D. student. When he was denied tenure he filed his suit in state court. If you have a breach of contract or fraud complaint, contact Thomas E. Patterson or Patterson Law Firm at or (312)-223-1699.  

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