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New Legislation Passed to Protect the Elderly from Abuse

Several new laws were passed and signed by Governor Quinn with the intention of protecting senior citizens in the state of Illinois. The Alzheimer's Association® and advocates supported these bills as they aim to promote safety, increase accountability for caretakers and help authorities identify and respond to reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Below is a short synopsis of some of this crucial legislation passed to protect the elderly from abuse.

House Bill 5653 allows a prosecutor to ask a court to freeze a defendant's assets if he or she is charged with financial exploitation of an elderly person. This is an AARP Illinois initiative that advocates for greater protection against elderly financial exploitation committed by family and non-family members. This new law will help prevent defendants from spending stolen money or using stolen credit cards to mount an expensive legal defense that would make it more difficult for victims to collect proper restitution.

House Bill 5098 further expands the state's efforts to recognize and respond to crimes against the elderly by requiring probation officers' training to include courses on how to recognize and appropriately respond to crimes against the elderly.

House Bill 5009 will help nursing home patients found outside of their facility to be safely assisted and returned to their residence. This legislation requires that nursing home residents wear identification wristlets containing the facility’s telephone number.

Another law, Senate Bill 3171, brings Illinois law into compliance with federal law regarding the release of health records of the deceased. This new legislation will allow the executor of the estate of a deceased person who holds their power of attorney to receive their medical records or designate another to receive them.

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Source: Illinois Government News Network 

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