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Apple Appointed Attorney to Oversee Anti-trust Policies

We have written several blog posts following the Department of Justice’s ongoing battle with Apple over its e-Books price fixing. While there have been several posts since Judge Cote decided against Apple, including one last month highlighting some of the terms of her decision, it had not yet been decided whether an attorney would be appointed to oversee Apple’s anti-trust policies and procedures. 

However, as of last Wednesday, Judge Cote has appointed attorney Michael Bromwich to oversee Apple’s activity in the wake of the court order. Mr. Bromwich has taken on many roles like this one in the past, including the monitoring of off-shore drilling after the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Department of Justice’s initial proposal requested a ten year appointment as well as a five-year ban on e-books contracts. Like we mentioned before, Apple contends that the DOJ’s proposal was overreaching and intends to appeal Judge Cote’s decision.  However, in the time being, Apple employees will have to adjust to their new co-worker.

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