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Global Counterfeit Prevention

While we often hear of intellectual property cases here in the United States (our EBL blog has covered much of the Apple v. Samsung case), it is less often that we focus on the issue on a global scale.

However, the issue was discussed by a panel of international attorneys recently at the American Bar Association’s annual Intellectual Property Conference held in Arlington, VA. The discussion, titled “Send in the Troops! Stopping Worldwide Trademark Counterfeit”, focused on strategies and case studies on the protection of trademarks, both of which highlighted the importance of working with customs officials and international lawyers.

The panelists stressed the importance of filing for trademark protection and registering them in the countries where they are made and sold.

However, according to Reuters, who reported on the discussion, the level of sophistication associated with some of the counterfeit rings can be a major deterrent; and recording trademarks diligently will mean nothing if a possible counterfeit is reported but authorities are unable to stop the shipment.

Customs officials need to be able to recognize fakes despite the skillful tactics that many counterfeiters use to conceal them. 

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