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Chipotle Sues R&B Singer

While Chipotle has been named a defendant in several large scale lawsuits (including a class action suit related to employment law), this time the company has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Grammy award-winning R&B singer Frank Ocean.

According to the complaint, filed last Friday in Los Angeles County Court, Chipotle entered a contract with Ocean when they signed him on to write a song to accompany one of their promotional videos. While the entire contract was for $425,000, Ocean accepted an advance of $212,500 in July of last year. 

Chipotle maintains that Ocean agreed to furnish the fast food chain with a track for their video by last August (when the company instead received a letter from Ocean’s legal team stating that he was not going to be participating in the project), however Ocean has stated that the company misled him as to the terms of the deal. His team alleges that the original deal merely called for him to encourage sustainable food sources, and that Chipotle’s name and logo was not referenced during the primary discussions surrounding the campaign. According to Ocean, Chipotle told him this was intentional and that he would play a major role in the final advertising decisions.

Chipotle denies these allegations, instead claiming that when the original advertisement was shown to Ocean, it was not quite finished, and the logo and Chipotle plug weren’t yet included.

So far, there has only been a complaint filed. However, we will continue to cover the details of this breach of contract case as they occur.

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