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What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation is a very broad field of law, encompassing any type of litigation that involves business issues, usually between businesses, but not always.  Commercial litigation is a burgeoning field of law, its growth spurred by the current trend of booming at-home businesses, new small businesses, and diversification of existing businesses.  The types of issues that can be found are as diverse as the many types of businesses that are out there.  Below, we will give a brief overview of a few of the areas that are frequent issues of concern in commercial litigation.

 Intellectual Property Litigation

The intellectual properties developed are the lifeblood of many businesses.  The copyrights, trademarks and patents obtained by companies for their products and processes are often worth millions of dollars and, in many instances, the main revenue source that keeps companies afloat.  Securing the intellectual property through government mandated processes like the patent process is one source of intellectual property litigation.  Another source, much in the news lately, is defending or prosecuting cases brought when there is a question of infringement raised.  A great example of this would be the protracted litigation between Apple and Samsung in courts all over the world where Apple claimed Samsung had stolen technology regarding the design of smart phones and tablets.  Billions of dollars of damages were claimed and both parties won some of the cases and lost some of the cases.

Corporate and LLC Litigation

Everyone can have a corporation or an LLC.  Duties are owed as a matter of law, whatever the entity.  There are many areas of conflict possible under the umbrella of corporate litigation, including topics such as non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, corporate mergers and acquisitions, management and corporate control disputes (shareholder disputes; LLC member controversies) and employment agreements.  Just because many of the corporations created today are smaller than in the past does not mean that they are immune to the same issues that plagued (and still plague) mega-corporations.

 Franchise Litigation

Some of the most popular restaurants in the country started out as single locations. Through franchise agreements, new restaurant chains are being built across the country.  There is a huge amount of legal wrangling inherent in both creating franchises to sell and in purchasing and maintaining one.  Of course, there are franchises in existence other than restaurants.  The investment and potential payoffs are enormous.  Franchise agreements are complex legal documents that control everything from where fixtures are placed to what the operating hours of the business are.  Litigation may arise where violations of the franchise agreement are alleged.  Typical allegations include lack of support from the franchisor, franchisee use of unapproved suppliers, and more.

The world of commercial litigation is very complex and the examples above are just a fraction of possible topics.  If you are in the Chicago area and find your business in a position where you are facing commercial litigation, you need to be represented by a law firm that has experience navigating the complexities of the law. 

The experienced professionals at the Patterson Law Firm have the ability to guide your business towards success during this process.  Give us a call today at (855) 875-3552 to begin a relationship that will help your business achieve its goals in the uncertain arena of business litigation.

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