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What is a defective work claim in a construction dispute?

Defective work disputes are the most common of all construction contract claims. Depending on the project, a working knowledge of structural, mechanical, design and construction customs, practices and standards can determine whether the problems relate to work performed or to a preexisting condition, or whether it was caused by the defendant or some other company not a party to the litigation. The lawyer’s job is to investigate the facts, join any appropriate additional parties, line up favorable witnesses, select the right expert and develop an effective presentation. Our next segment will cover lien claims in construction dispute litigation.

If you think you have a construction dispute on your hands make sure to contact an attorney with a strong track record related to construction disputes. Patterson attorneys Thomas E. Patterson and Kristi Browne have handled construction disputes, extra work orders, field changes, delay damage claims, and mechanics liens. Contact an attorney and collect all necessary documents and information related to the potential case. This could be documents related to work done and payments made, any and all correspondence, and facts about work done to legitimize any claims.

If you have a construction dispute contact Thomas E. Patterson at or call us at (312)-223-1699. 

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