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Fyre Festival Organizers sued for $100 Million in Class Action Breach of Contract Suit

A Fyre Festival attendee has filed a fraud and breach of contract class action lawsuit against Ja Rule and Billy McFarland after a festival described asLord of the Fliesfor the 1%.

Fyre Festival was a luxury music festival promoting glamourous camping and fun in the Bahamas. Steven Starr was the promised caterer. The most popular acts were going to perform on an island that had been privately owned by Pablo Escobar. What festival goers allegedly got was a lack of food, water, shelter, and transportation home. They were stranded on a sandbar in poor weather conditions. Some paid more $12,000 for the bad experience. Fyre Festival has been described asLord of the Fliesfor the 1%.

Daniel Jung has sued the festival organizers for breach of contract and fraud. The complaint alleges that the founders knew that Escobar Island would not be the location of the festival. The organizers also had all the money loaded onto wristbands to stay cashless. This is seen as a tactic to fleece the attendees and run off with more money. The complaint also alleges that defendants McFarland and Atkinson (Ja Rule) we’re aware of how dangerously underequipped the festival was and how this was a serious threat to festival goers.

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