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Shipyard Brewing Company sues Logboat for Trademark Infringement

Shipyard Brewing Company claims that Logboat’s logo for Shiphead Ginerger Wheat is confusingly similar to the Shipyard Schooner ale. The art on the Schooner ale features a boat and the Shiphead art features a boat on top of a woman’s head. Below is a side by side image of the beer cans. Shipyard is a large distributor alleging that the Shiphead beer intentionally causes confusion with Shipyard. Shiphead is in a beer family that also includes pumpkinhead, melonhead, and applehead. The suit claims that shiphead could be confused with Shipyard products, as opposed to being in the logboat head family. This case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

In the trademark infringement suit, Shipyard is seeking an injunction and damages from lost profits. Shipyard is also seeking attorney fees, court costs, and “corrective advertising to address Logboat’s deceptive and misleading false advertising.”

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