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Zenimax Sues Samsung After Winning Oculus Intellectual Property/Unfair Competition Lawsuit

Video game conglomerate ZeniMax filed a lawsuit against Samsung for knowingly profiting from Oculus technology originally developed at ZeniMax. John Carmack was developing mobile Virtual Reality (VR) and other VR hybrids. It is alleged that he had secret meetings in ZeniMax owned offices to give away trade secrets to other businesses and work on VR with them. This is the foundation of the Oculus case that ZeniMax won for $500 million. Oculus executives were penalized for copyright infringement, false designation, and violating non-disclosure agreements.

Samsung was aware of this case while they were developing Gear VR: Now ZeniMax is  suing Samsung for copyright infringement for using ZeniMax VR code in Gear VR, along with trade secret misappropriation, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment. Gear VR is allegedly based on Oculus VR.

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