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Jägermeister Sued for Trademark Infringement

Jägermeister has been sued by outdoor wear company Alfwear over use of the word Kühl in an advertisement. Alfwear is accusing Jägermeister of “infringing and diluting” its trademark. Jägermeister used the phrases “Kühl as Ice” and “Drink it Ice Kühl” in advertisements in June.  Alfwears owns US trademark number 1,990,375 for the ‘Kühl’ mark for use in class 25, according to the claim. Alfwear claims that Jägermeister willfully infringed on the trademark. The use of Kühl by Jägermeister allegedly is creating confusion in the marketplace. The founder and president of Kühl has stated that he’s received emails asking if Kühl collaborated with Jägermeister.

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