Contingent Fee

Collect what you are owed without paying attorney fees until and unless you win.

Most business litigation firms will only start a business lawsuit if they are promised attorney fees by the hour, paid whether they win or lose, and whether or not you collect a dime. The incentive in this situation is to bill the hours more than to win the case.

We now offer our business litigation services on a contingent fee basis for those cases that seek large money damages, so that we only get paid if we win and collect.  Here are our “fine print” conditions:

1  We have to like your case.  If we don’t, we are not going to risk our time on it (we analyze this for you at no charge).

2  It has to be a big case. We don’t do the volume collection work; we give a lot of attention to each individual case.

3  You have to pay costs: filing fees, court reporters, experts.

4  You have to help us win the case: provide the relevant documents, give depositions, explain the facts to us: promptly, truthfully, and completely.  We are aggressive and we don’t like surprises.

5  The defendant has to be able to pay a judgment. Winning a big verdict and then being unable to collect it doesn’t do either of us any good.

The percentage charged in contingency fee matters usually ranges from 33.33% - 40%. The plan is attractive to many businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals because the lawyer shares the risk of success with the client, and no money is paid while the case wends its way through the court system.

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