The Patterson Law Firm, LLC Successfully Vindicates Attorney Kirk McInerney in Pressman’s Legal Malpractice Lawsuit and Settles Decades Old Litigation Against Him

Chicago, IL (March 18, 2014) --Kirk McInerney thanked the Patterson Law Firm for bringing his litigation against businessman Jack Pressman to a successful conclusion.  McInerney sued to recover a $600,000 loan made to Pressman in 2001 over a failed real estate venture in a suit filed against Pressman and McInerney’s former accountant, Charles W. Foster (who settled with McInerney previously.)

McInerney was especially pleased that the firm had easily disposed of a punitive legal malpractice lawsuit filed by Pressman some ten years after the fact and contrary to Pressman’s previously sworn statement.  Mr. Pressman’s complaint never warranted an answer by McInerney because it was summarily dismissed by final order for lack of merit only weeks after that case was filed in December, 2011.  “My AV reputation as a lawyer was vindicated by that dismissal,” McInerney stated.

The parties recently arrived at a mutually agreeable settlement after years of McInerney’s collection action dragging on. “It feels good to have my collection efforts finally rewarded with a settlement,” said McInerney.  “I appreciate the firm hanging in there with me during the litigation and appreciate more the great result, especially the vindication of my unblemished record as a lawyer and businessman.”

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