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Judge for yourself whether you should hire us. Review these 25 cases (followed by notable appeals) litigated by our lawyers.

Interesting Cases

  1. One Educational Training Center's Road to Justice
    Emergency Business Litigation / Insurance Coverage / Breach of Contract
  2. Guarantor Escapes Paying $8 Million
    Emergency Business Litigation / Real Estate Ligitation / Breach of Contract 
  3. The Magic of New Technology 
    Emergency Business Litigation / Insurance Coverage
  4. Corporate Coup d'État
    Emergency Business Litigation / Temporary Restraining Order / Intellectual Property
  5. When Real Estate Partners Collide
    Partnership Dispute / Emergency Business Litigation
  6. Confronting the Government 
    Business Litigation / Business-to-Business Fraud
  7. Litigating Ourselves Out of a Job 
    Emergency Business Litigation
  8. Amazing Refusal to Settle Requires Trial of Foreclosure Case
    Real Estate Litigation / Financial
  9. The Case That Nobody Wanted 
    Personal Injury
  10. A Tale of Two Brothers 
    Shareholder Dispute / Breach of Contract / Emergency Business Litigation
  11. The Un-Neighborly Cooperative 
    Real Estate Litigation / Corporate Dispute
  12. A Different and Better Argument 
    Breach of Contract / Business-to-Business Fraud
  13. HUD Issues New Regulations in Response to Class Actions
    Real Estate Litigation / Class Action
  14. Jury Finds Sex Discrimination Within the Chicago Park District 
    EEOC / Employment Discrimination
  15. Employees Recover Sales Commissions Despite Employer’s Efforts to Destroy Evidence
    Employment, Commission and Brokerage Claim
  16. A Bizarre Case 
    Professional Negligence
  17. Hot Batch Glass Tempering System 
    Business Litigation / Product Liability / Sales of Goods
  18. We Pioneered a New Area of The Law 
    Internet Defamation / Emergency Business Litigation
  19. Locking Out the Contractor 
    Breach of Contract / Construction Litigation
  20. Insider Trading 
    Business-to-Business Fraud / Unfair Competition
  21. Dirty Window Shops 
    Emergency Business Litigation / Business-to-Business Fraud
  22. Protecting a Hospital Director 
    Insurance Coverage
  23. The Relationship Between Personal Injury Actions and Insurance
    Personal Injury / Insurance Coverage
  24. A "Perry Mason" Moment 
    Construction Litigation
  25. How To Get a Case Moving
    Emergency Business Litigation / Construction Litigation

Notable Appeals

Moses' father-in-law first suggested a hierarchy of courts (see Exodus 18:13-26), and cases today are not always won or lost at the trial level. Out of more than 24 appeals that Thomas Patterson has handled (some in conjunction with other attorneys), here are some notable decisions.

  1. In re: Marriage of Bennett, 131 Ill.App.3d 1050, 476 N.E.2d 1297 (2d Dist. 1985): Modification of fee agreements to attorney's advantage is presumptively fraudulent. The case was featured in the Chicago Tribune's 'On the Law' column May 7, 1985. 
  2. Franklin v. FMC Corp., 150 Ill.App.3d 343, 501 N.E.2d 887 (1st Dist. 1986): One of the leading cases on the intra state forum non conveniens doctrine (permits cases to be transferred between counties). 
  3. Heinrich v. Peabody, 117 Ill.2d 162, 510 NE 2d 889 (1987) Patterson argued twice before the Illinois Supreme Court in the definitive case on the pleading requirements for deciding who is responsible for the actions of an employee loaned by one company to another (loaned servant doctrine).
  4. Interfaith  Medical Center v. Sabiston, 527 N.Y.S. 2d 48, 136 A.D. 2d 238 (NY AD 1988): One of the leading cases in the nation on a private association's right to enforce its own rules. 
  5. McKenzie v. Romeiser, 205 Ill.App. 3d 830, 563 N.E.2d 837 (1990)In a case briefed and argued by Patterson, Justice Jiganti stated: "Both counsel on appeal were especially good lawyers." 
  6. Stofer v. First National Bank of Effingham, 212 Ill.App.3d 530, 571 N.E.2d 157 (5th Dist. 1991)Doctrines of interference with contractual relations and duress.
  7. Chemical Bank v. Paul, 244 Ill.App. 3d 772, 614 N.E. 2d 436 (1st Dist. 1993): One of the leading cases on the obligation of good faith in commercial dealings.
  8. Welsh v. Boy Scouts of America, 993 F.2d 126 (7th Cir. 1993): The Boy Scouts could exclude atheists. The Chicago Tribune (June 19, 1991), Wall Street Journal (March 16, 1992) and Chicago Sun-Times (March 14, 1992) all covered this case. Patterson was quoted in the firm's newsletter: "We represented God and won." 
  9. Hinc v. Lime-O-Sol Co., 382 F. 3d 716 (7th Cir. 2004): Obligation of 'good faith' is not too vague to enforce.
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