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Judge for yourself whether you should hire us. Review these 27 cases litigated by our lawyers.

Interesting Cases

  1. Insurance Coverage: Patterson Wins Where Prior Law Firm Fails
    Emergency Business Litigation / Insurance Coverage / Breach of Contract
  2. Bank Breach of Contract: Patterson Wins Where Prior Law Firm Fails
    Emergency Business Litigation / Real Estate Litigation / Breach of Contract 
  3. Winning for Lloyds: The Magic of New Technology 
    Emergency Business Litigation / Insurance Coverage
  4. Corporate Coup d'État
    Emergency Business Litigation / Temporary Restraining Order / Intellectual Property / Shareholder Dispute
  5. When Real Estate Partners Collide
    Partnership Dispute / Emergency Business Litigation / Real Estate Litigation
  6. Defense of Bank Directors: Confronting the Government 
    Business Litigation / Business-to-Business Fraud / D & O Liability / Banking Litigation
  7. Health Care Residency Programs: Litigating Ourselves Out of a Job 
    Emergency Business Litigation / Medical Residency Program Litigation / Breach of Contract
  8. Amazing Refusal to Settle Requires Trial of Foreclosure Case
    Real Estate Litigation / Financial Litigation
  9. Patterson Wins Case Prior Law Firm Dropped 
    Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
  10. A Tale of Two Brothers 
    Shareholder Dispute / Breach of Contract / Emergency Business Litigation
  11. The Un-Neighborly Cooperative 
    Real Estate Litigation / Coop Association / Shareholder Dispute
  12. A Different and Better Argument 
    Breach of Contract / Business-to-Business Fraud
  13. Defeating the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation 
    Real Estate Litigation / Banking Litigation / Class Actions
  14. Jury Finds Sex Discrimination Within the Chicago Park District 
    EEOC / Employment Litigation
  15. Employees Recover Sales Commissions Despite Employer’s Efforts to Destroy Evidence
    Employment, Commission and Brokerage Claim / Sales Commission
  16. A Bizarre Legal Malpractice Case 
    Professional Negligence / Legal Malpractice
  17. Hot Batch Glass Tempering System 
    Business Litigation / Product Liability / Sales of Goods
  18. We Pioneered a New Area of The Law 
    Internet Defamation / Emergency Business Litigation
  19. Locking Out the Contractor 
    Breach of Contract / Construction Litigation
  20. Insider Trading 
    Business-to-Business Fraud / Unfair Competition
  21. Dirty Window Shops 
    Emergency Business Litigation / Business-to-Business Fraud / Emergency Business Litigation
  22. Protecting a Hospital Director 
    Insurance Coverage / D & O Liability
  23. The Relationship Between Personal Injury Actions and Insurance
    Personal Injury / Insurance Coverage
  24. A Perry Mason Moment 
    Construction Litigation
  25. How To Get a Case Moving
    Emergency Business Litigation / Construction Litigation
  26. Business Acquisition Contracts
    Partnership Dispute / Employment Litigation / Breach of Contract / Business Acquisition Contract
  27. Real Estate Development Litigation: Called in a Crisis
    Commercial Lease Litigation / B2B Fraud / Breach of Fiduciary Duty / LLC Member Dispute / Construction Contract Dispute
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