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 A lot full of automobiles eligible for sub-prime loans

In federal court, we represented a small insurance brokerage company backed by Lloyds of London that was sued by a large insurance company represented by a large law firm. The large company claimed that our client, the brokerage company, had failed to enact rate increases for a force-placed insurance program for sub-prime automobile loans. We computerized the whole case. We reviewed and processed approximately 100 boxes of documents produced, marking almost 2,000 documents as exhibits. Several of the many depositions lasted three to four days. The entire case file – exhibits, document indices, and deposition transcripts – was on a laptop computer. We could work on the case anywhere: at home, on the train, or while sitting in a doctor’s office.The case was staffed with one lawyer (Mr. Patterson) and two paralegals. Five years ago, three lawyers plus the paralegals would have been required. The case settled shortly after we filed a motion for summary judgment. The insurance company requested that the terms of the settlement be kept confidential.

A small law firm with experience and technology can effectively litigate against large law firms.

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