Update on Apple E-books Price Fixing Lawsuit: Apple Appeals

Many of our blog posts have dealt with the ongoing Department of Justice v. Apple anti-trust case. This past Tuesday, Apple filed an appeal requesting the Second Circuit US Court of Appeals to overturn the previous judgment against the company or to allow for a new trial with a different judge.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, last year Judge Cote found Apple guilty of breaking anti-trust laws when it conspired with several large publishing companies in order to raise E-book prices. While the publishers originally named as participants have all settled, Apple continues to fight these allegations.

According to the papers filed by Apple Tuesday, their collaboration with publishing companies merely allowed for more competition in the digital publishing sphere.

As we mentioned in a recent post, earlier this month Apple requested that the court-appointed monitor be removed from his post, and while they were temporarily relieved from his services, the court ordered that the monitor (Bromwich) return to his position under restrictions to be set by Judge Cote.

We will continue to offer updates surrounding the ongoing litigation between Apple and the DOJ.

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