Illinois Attorney General Suing Volkswagen over “Dieselgate”

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a complaint against Volkswagen in the Cook County Circuit Court. She is seeking civil penalties because of Volkswagen’s violations of environmental laws in Illinois. Madigan previously sued with 43 other attorney generals over breaking consumer protection laws for marketing, selling, and leasing diesel vehicles. Madigan tasked Division Chief Matthew Dunn, Environmental and Energy Counsel James Gignac, Supervising Attorney Gerry Karr, and Assistant Attorney General Angad Nagra to handle the case for Madigan’s Environmental Division.

These lawsuits come not long after Volkswagen admitted to installing devices in diesel cars to prevent accurate readings of diesel emissions. Illinois is the 19th state taking action against Volkswagen related to environmental damage. The VW spokeswoman stated that the company would review the complaint. No further action has been taken at this moment.

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