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What are Delay Claims in a Construction Dispute?

Typically, delay claims require familiarity with the CPM (or PERT) scheduling system. To assign responsibility for project delays, review the actions of the parties involved. Scope changes, unanticipated job site conditions and other unforeseen events – as well as the language of the governing agreements – require close study and analysis. Not every delay will cause a project to miss its completion date, nor does a missed completion date necessarily require compensation. An effective presentation of facts can separate the compensable claims from the frivolous. In our next blog post, we will cover defective work disputes.

Before you contact an attorney, collect all necessary documents and information related to the potential case. This could be documents related to work done, payments made, and all correspondence to legitimize any claims. If you think you have a construction dispute, contact an attorney with a strong track record in the area. Our attorneys handle construction disputes, extra work orders, field changes, delay damage claims, and mechanics liens.

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