What is a Lien Claim in a Construction Dispute?

Lien claims in a construction dispute must comply with the statutes (e.g. mechanics lien). If you act fast, this will help you in collection claims. Claims that drag on for years without progress drain your money and hurt your business. For parties seeking payment, the task is to collect the funds owed as efficiently and quickly as possible. For parties defending the claims, the goal is to pay only what is owed. You are not responsible for cost overruns or shoddy work.

If you have a construction dispute, contact an attorney with a strong track record in construction litigation. Thomas E. Patterson, Kristi Browne, and Peter Evans have handled construction disputes, extra work orders, field changes, delay damage claims, and mechanics liens. Collect all documents and information related to the potential case. The documents could be related to work done, payments made, all correspondence, and facts about work done to support your claims.

If you have a construction dispute contact us or call us at (312) 223-1699.

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