IARDC Defense

IARDC Defense

When an attorney receives an inquiry letter from the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, it is a daunting experience. You need an IARDC defense. An inquiry may be made on behalf of a current or former client. At the Patterson Law Firm, we have extensive experience defending attorneys before the ARDC. While many attorneys are tempted to respond to the inquiry themselves, it is advisable to seek professional expertise. Our skilled legal malpractice attorneys will help review the inquiry and draft a response. Our responses often include evidence and directly, without passion, set forth why the inquiry should be concluded.

If the matter is not concluded at the inquiry stage, our legal malpractice attorneys are skilled at representing clients through the complaint process. We also present witnesses for statements before the IARDC.

If you or someone you know need an IARDC defense, do not delay in contacting our experienced legal malpractice attorneys. We are here to assist you in all stages of the investigation. Please give us a call at (312) 223-1699.


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