Professional Malpractice

Professional Malpractice

A professional is someone with special training and expertise in a specific area: lawyers, accountants, engineers, stockbrokers, financial advisors, architects, and doctors. They get licensed, have a group monopoly on the services they offer, and represent themselves as experts. Professionals by law owe special duties of care, loyalty, and competence to their clients.


When you hire a professional, you rely on that special training and expertise to obtain services that you could not easily do yourself. When professionals breach their duty of care, loyalty, or competence and cause harm to a client, they committed malpractice. They can be held liable to pay money damages for the harm they caused.


Professional malpractice claims require special handling. Even though the cases are often business related, they can be emotional. The client’s trust has been violated. The defendant is accused of violating the oath of their profession. Even though most professionals carry insurance for malpractice claims, the defendant usually has to agree to any proposed settlement.


Winning professional malpractice cases requires (1) understanding the standards and practices of the defendant’s field, and (2) the skill and experience to analyze the legal issues and present them to the judge or jury in a way that educates and convinces at the same time. In legal malpractice cases, the lawyers know the system and are among the craftiest of witnesses in their own defense. Click here for more information on legal malpractice cases [or for more information on cases we have handled].


One key to success in many professional malpractice cases is having the right expert: those who have the willingness, professional reputation, and integrity to criticize another of member of their profession. At PLF, we have worked with experts in each field and have relationships that give us a head start in the search for a qualified and persuasive expert.


Not every mistake or unfavorable outcome amounts to malpractice. The professional must have breached the standard of care in the profession and that breach must have caused damages. We offer a free initial consultation so we can help you determine whether you have a winning claim. If you think you were the victim of malpractice by an accountant, a lawyer, an engineer, or any other professional, get in touch with us.

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