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Jurors Find Apple Not Liable for Antitrust Violations in Class-Action iPod Lawsuit
After nearly a decade of litigation, it took a panel of eight jurors just several hours to find Apple, Inc. not liable for antitrust violations. The violations relate to iTunes [...]
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Comcast’s Proposed Acquisition of Time Warner Cable Faces Antitrust Issues
Last month Comcast announced its plan to buy rival cable company Time Warner Cable. In addition to being the two largest cable companies in the country, Comcast and TWC are [...]
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Economists File Brief in Opposition of Judge Cote’s Decision in Apple Anti-Trust Case
We have written quite a few blog posts on the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Apple. Allegedly, Apple is involved in a price-fixing scheme with publishing companies. While the publishers [...]
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Update on Apple E-books Price Fixing Lawsuit: Apple Appeals
Many of our blog posts have dealt with the ongoing Department of Justice v. Apple anti-trust case. This past Tuesday, Apple filed an appeal requesting the Second Circuit US Court [...]
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