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Judge Punches Public Defender, Then Returns to the Bench
Judges are known for being calm and controlled, not to mention extremely professional.  However, a Florida judge recently showed that there is an exception to every rule. Judge Asks a [...]
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Judge Takes a Bite at Lawyer in Dog Bite Case
In a recent personal injury lawsuit involving a dog bite, the judge fined the lawyer $50,000. The lawyer represented the dog owner’s insurance company. He failed to have the appropriate [...]
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When Attorney Overbilling Becomes Unethical
People often mock lawyers for their expensive billable hours. But, like many professionals, the cost of the work relates to the quality of the work. Normally, the maxim that “good [...]
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What Not to Do in Legal Marketing
Here is a guide on what not to do in legal marketing. In many states, attorneys must follow very strict advertising rules. These rules often require that attorneys not overstate [...]
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Attorneys Who Choose To Use Online Coupon Services Should Take Caution
It is undebated that marketing has changed significantly in the past decade. Recently, businesses have employed online coupon services-most notably Groupon. Groupon is a website that charges businesses a fee [...]
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The Internet and Legal Ethics
The ethics experts of the legal profession have their work cut out for them when it comes to the internet and legal ethics. With the emergence of new social media [...]
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