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What is a Lien Claim in a Construction Dispute?
Lien claims in a construction dispute must comply with the statutes (e.g. mechanics lien). If you act fast, this will help you in collection claims. Claims that drag on for [...]
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What is a Defective Work Claim in a Construction Dispute?
Defective work disputes are the most common of all construction contract claims. Depending on the project, a working knowledge of structural and mechanical design can determine if the problem stems [...]
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What are Cost Overruns in a Construction Dispute?
Cost overrun cases can be simply where the agreement specifies a lump sum for the work. More complex cases present issues regarding the scope of the work originally designated, extra [...]
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What are Delay Claims in a Construction Dispute?
Typically, delay claims require familiarity with the CPM (or PERT) scheduling system. To assign responsibility for project delays, review the actions of the parties involved. Scope changes, unanticipated job site [...]
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What is a Construction Dispute?
During the construction process, a construction dispute may stem from a variety of problems. Disputes can arise during the formation, meaning, breach or termination of construction. Additionally, disputes can arise [...]
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