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When an Employee Leaves: The Illinois Wage Act
When an employee leaves an employer under less than amicable circumstances, an employer may be tempted to refuse to pay certain aspects of compensation, such as commissions, bonuses or reimbursements.  [...]
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Potential Ramifications of The Supreme Court’s Decisions on Discrimination Cases
As you may recall from Tuesday’s blog post, the Supreme Court’s ruling on the discrimination case hinged on the definition of the term supervisor. Many who criticized the ruling in favor of [...]
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Supreme Court’s Decision on Second Discrimination Case
Yesterday’s blog post about one of the discrimination cases decided by the Supreme Court Monday. The second case that the Supreme Court decided on was one that reversed the U.S. Court of [...]
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Supreme Court’s Decision on Discrimination Case
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of employers in two separate cases yesterday. The first case, which we will discuss in today’s blog post, centered on the issue of the [...]
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