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LLCs Protect Real Estate Investors
The New York Times of April 30, 2018, had an article about Limited Liability Companies, some of which own real estate, and take advantage of the anonymity and limited liability [...]
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RatnerPrestia Settles Breach of Contract and Fraud Disputes Over a Merger
RatnerPrestia sued German law firm Stolmár & Partner for breach of contract, fraud, and other claims. At one time, RatnerPrestia shared client ties with Stolmár & Partner and the two [...]
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A Shareholder Dispute Victory for Patterson Law Firm
Congratulations to our attorneys Tom Patterson and Elise Yu! They recently won another victory in a shareholder dispute between a departing shareholder-employee and a company. Their client was a longtime [...]
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What is Commercial Litigation?
Commercial litigation is a very broad field of law and it encompasses any type of litigation that involves business issues. Commercial litigation is a growing field. The trend of booming [...]
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Starbucks Shareholders Sue Company over Breach of Contract Lawsuit with Kraft
Back in December, we wrote a blog post on Starbucks’ breach of contract lawsuit with Kraft Foods over the distribution of its bagged coffee. While the court ordered Starbucks to pay [...]
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Office Depot’s Top Investor Sues Company for Not Hosting Shareholder Meeting
Starboard Value LP, Office Depot’s biggest investor, filed a lawsuit the night before its merger with Office Max for neglecting to hold its annual shareholder meeting. According to Starboard, the [...]
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