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The Chicago Business Lawyers to Call in Crisis

Unusual among commercial litigation law firms, we undertake challenging business lawsuits: emergency business litigation, insurance coverage cases, shareholder and LLC-member disputes, construction and other of breach of contract claims, commercial real estate lawsuits, and legal malpractice actions. In some cases, the emergency creates the challenge. We have to know both the underlying case (facts and law) plus the standards for obtaining emergency remedies. In other cases, the opponent creates the challenge. In legal malpractice cases, for example, we have to prove the case within the case (read more) and overcome the defendant's lawyers who know the system and are well-funded.

The final challenge is legal fees. Because our firm is the size of a boutique, we often offer contingent fee or blended hourly-contingent fee arrangements that other business litigation firms do not match. Even our hourly billing cases carry a guaranty. Our purpose is to take the fear out of legal fees and focus on your case!

Experience, Enthusiasm and Value
Clients want to know that their lawyers have experience. Our top four lawyers have more than 123 years of business lawsuit experience, most with large Chicago law firms. I wrote a 600-page book on conducting commercial litigation in a crisis, Handling The Business Emergency: Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions (ABA 2009), and keep our clients current with a blog entitled Emergency Business Litigation which can be found at www.emergencybusinesslitigation.com. Additionally, our youngest partner was recently named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine.

Clients: Among our clients are businesses, NBA stars, other lawyers, high-tech and low-tech entrepreneurs, doctors, sales professionals, real estate developers, construction (painting, plumbing, electrical, general contractors) companies, unions, associations, and individuals.

Industries: Industries in which we have experience include banking, construction, trucking, legal, accounting, hospitality, manufacturing, medical, insurance, retail stores, real estate, and sales.

The Power of Enthusiasm
We approach the challenges of business lawsuits with enthusiasm. As one client wrote us: "Thanks much for getting on this with enthusiasm. It is SO . . . RARE IN ATTORNEYS . . . ." 

Experience and enthusiasm make an unbeatable combination.

"We Love You Guys"
Our clients are spreading the word.  Some typical compliments:

  • “We’re going to have a toast tonight and we’ll definitely toast the two best attorneys in Illinois.  Thanks so much to both of you, for all your hard work . . . Thanks for believing in us.  We love you guys . . . .”

  • “I was completely satisfied with the results of the lawsuit.  You . . .  did a great job and I got the results I wanted.”

  • “I am extremely grateful for everything and extremely satisfied with the services.  Your firm has made a . . . difficult situation manageable and I’ve learned a lot.”

Growth Proves Our Value
When I started the firm, we had eight clients and one lawyer.  Now we have 10 lawyers, have served more than 350 clients, and we appear in business lawsuits all over the country.  Grateful for the trust of our clients, we will continue to earn it.

If you would like to learn how we can help you (our initial consultation is free), please get in touch with me by telephone (312) 750-1822 or email.



Some callers are impersonating us and even sending copies of our web site materials to the elderly and demanding money. This is a scam. The authorities are investigating.

Jefferey Ogden Katz Featured Speaker for NBI Webcast on Professional Liability Dispute Resolution
Jefferey Ogden Katz of The Patterson Law Firm will be a keynote speaker for a National Business Institute (NBI) webcast entitled “Professional Liability Dispute Resolution” where he spoke on a variety of topics, including statue, case law and industry trends in professional liability, elements of professional liability tort, and resolving professional liability claim disputes.
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