For Lawyers Only

When we started, 69 percent of our work derived from lawyer referrals. There were three reasons for this:

Weird practice niches. Not everyone has studied the Restatement of Suretyship, as we have for several guaranty lawsuits; the Business Corporation Act, as we have for numerous disputes among shareholders in close corporations; or the Limited Liability Company (LLC) statute, as we have many times because of business litigation between members of an LLC.

Emergency litigation–temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, or declaratory judgment actions–is another practice niche, and led to our book, Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions: Handling the Business Emergency (2d ed ABA 2021).

Probably one-third or more of our practice is devoted to plaintiff legal and accounting malpractice actions. Lawyers who can’t or won’t take these cases refer them to us.

We can handle document intensive cases. We like to oppose larger law firms. In general, the stranger the problem, the more likely it is that we can help.

Cooperative efforts. We work one of two ways: jointly with you or as delegated counsel to handle the assignment ourselves. Either way, we work to preserve your client relationship. No poaching.

High quality work and ethics. We have earned the highest (av) rating–very high to preeminent–from the Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory, covering the quality and the honesty of our legal work. Most of our lawyers have been designated Illinois SuperLawyers, Leading Lawyers, or Rising Stars. Fair and honest billing practices, regular reports, and an objective appraisal of the case are integral parts of our service. We want to make the referring lawyer look good by having suggested us.

Winning Cases for Clients
We win business lawsuits by thorough research, good writing, creative investigation, salesmanship and honesty. Your objectives and resources will be matched to our strategies and tactics.

Preventing Business Lawsuits
After more than 30 years of seeing people face lawsuits, we counsel on how to prevent them. Before going into business, you should decide the business entity that is right for you.

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