Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice

Data Privacy Attorney

Our Privacy and Cybersecurity practice operates at the intersection of technology and law. We understand that data is at the very core of your enterprise and one of your most important assets.

We understand that the safety and security of your data is critical to your business’s ability to drive insights and enable development of valuable new products and services.

The collection, use and storage of personal information is subject to an increasingly complex framework of laws and regulations in the US, EU, Canada, Asia and around the world. Monetary penalties for violating these laws are severe and reputational damage can be irreparable.

Leverage our knowledge of these requirements to design real-world strategies to unlock the power of your data while building trust in your brands. We will work with you to enhance disclosures, strengthen compliance and implement integrated risk management programs that create a strong control environment as a springboard for innovation.

More than just proactive counseling, we specialize in helping enterprises that need to respond to crises. For example, we work side by side with clients to manage data breaches by directing forensic analysis, remediating vulnerabilities, understanding legal requirements and coordinating communications with people whose information was compromised.

Our global Privacy and Cybersecurity litigation practice works across all sectors offering a full complement of counseling and advice, regulatory and litigation services.


  • Data Breach and Cybercrime
  • Global Data Transfer Solutions
  • Compliance with Local Privacy Laws
  • Privacy Impact Assessments and Risk Management
  • Government and Law Enforcement Data Requests
  • Public Sector Issues and Freedom of Information
  • Digital Media Privacy and CRM Strategy
  • Outsourcing and HR Solutions
  • Information Governance and Records Management
  • Litigation and E-Discovery
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


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