Client Advantage Program

The Client Advantage Program offers fee arrangements to meet your needs. We offer contingent fee, blended hourly and contingent fee, fixed fee, and hourly billing (with a unique guarantee). Each plan has its advantages.

Contingent Fee

You collect what you are owed without paying attorney fees until and unless you win.

We now offer our business litigation services on a contingent fee basis for those cases that seek large money damages. We only get paid if we win and collect. Here are our “fine print” conditions:

1  We have to like your case. If we do not, we are not going to risk our time on it. We analyze this for you at no charge.

2  It has to be a big case. We do not do the volume collection work, and give a lot of attention to each individual case.

3  You have to pay costs: filing fees, court reporters, experts, etc.

4  You have to help us win the case: provide the relevant documents, give depositions, and explain the facts to us promptly, truthfully, and completely. We are aggressive and we do not like surprises.

5  The defendant has to be able to pay a judgment. It does not do either of us any good if we cannot collect a big verdict.

The percentage charged in contingency fee matters usually ranges from 33.33% – 40%. Many businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals are attracted to this plan because we share the risk of success with the client. No money is paid while the case wends its way through the court system.

Blended Hourly-Contingent Fee

Combined features of hourly and contingent fee plans.

We pioneered the concept of the “blended hourly-contingent fee” for business cases when the law firm offered this option to a client in 2006. As opposed to paying full hourly rates, you are only charged a percentage of the hourly rate. When the settlement or verdict funds are collected, any fees that have been paid by the client at the reduced rate will be credited toward the contingent fee that is received.

This means that the firm can only collect its full fee if we win your case.

Flat Fee

For routine or repetitive work, a flat fee provides predictability.

The flat fee option allows clients to pay a specific amount each month or by project; regardless of the amount of time the lawyer spends on it. This option allows business owners and individuals to know the exact amount that will be stated on their monthly invoice.


The most common way to pay lawyers, with a new feature: a guarantee.

Hourly billing is the most common way to pay lawyers. The attorney’s years of experience and practice area determines the hourly rate. To help reduce the legal fees for our clients, attorneys will routinely enlist the service of our experienced law clerks and paralegals.

Our current rates (for law clerks, paralegals, and attorneys) range from 60-500/hr. We will work with you to develop a budget and a litigation plan to keep the fees manageable.

We are so confident in our ability to efficiently manage legal work that we offer a guarantee.

To learn more about the Client Advantage Program and discuss which plan makes the most sense for you, contact us or call 312-223-1699.

Our Unique Guarantee

As of February 1, 2014, we offer this unique guarantee in most cases: beginning with the second monthly invoice, if a client believes that any particular time entry on their invoice was not a good value, they are entitled to circle the entry and return the invoice to us within 15 days with payment of the balance and we will write off the circled entry or entries.

FINE PRINT:  we reserve the right (a) to discuss the circled entry or entries with you and (b) to stop future work in accordance with ethical standards and ask you to obtain substitute counsel.

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