Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Litigation and Arbitration

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Litigation and Arbitration


Cryptocurrency and blockchain litigation is a rapidly developing frontier in the legal field. Cases are being filed every week against cryptocurrency exchanges and individuals by both private citizens and the federal government.

Because we get so many calls from potential clients who have issues with exchanges, we generally limit the cases we take to those in which more than $200,000 is at issue. If you have lost less than that, feel free to reach out and we will let you know if there are pro bono or other resources that might help. We sincerely regret being unable to help everyone.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain litigation is all forms of litigation revolving around the current cryptocurrency boom. Lawsuits have been filed over a variety of difficulties that have arisen with the new coins. There have been false advertising and misinformation lawsuits. There have been lawsuits alleging that a business from the start was a Ponzi scheme and that they had breached their fiduciary duty. Other lawsuits allege that cryptocurrency exchange users have been frozen out of their accounts or that businesses were founded on being an exit scam.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain litigation can be in the form of a class action or a single suit. Some people suing entire cryptocurrency exchanges sue as a class in the hopes of assisting all of those affected. Often times cryptocurrency and blockchain litigation is against businesses, but some litigation has been introduced related to the coins themselves.

When a new product starts to develop, litigation and regulation frequently follow. Cryptocurrencies have been available for the better part of a decade. During the current boom many businesses sprung up to compete and many people purchased cryptocurrencies without realizing the possible ramifications of their investment.

Patterson Law Firm is here to assist you with your cryptocurrency case. We have hundreds of years of legal experience as a team, and have been following the cryptocurrency boom and lawsuit cycle from its inception.

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