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Legal Settlement Lawyer Chicago, IL
Patterson Wins $32.3 Million Verdict
On behalf of RevoLaze, LLC, Patterson Law Firm won a $32,262,488.50 legal malpractice jury verdict against attorney Mark Hogge and Dentons. This is a win for RevoLaze against a firm that claims to be largest law firm in the world. The trial took place in Cleveland, Ohio and lasted three weeks. “The verdict did not […]
Insurance Coverage: Patterson Wins Where Prior Law Firm Fails
A Path to Victory: One Educational Training Center’s Road to Justice. The Patterson Law Firm, LLC won an insurance coverage jury verdict for $534,000 in Cook County on June 16, 2011. The case involved the burglary of a company offering comprehensive software education training in July of 2003. The burglary resulted in a loss of […]
Lawyers Chicago
Bank Breach of Contract: Patterson Wins Where Prior Law Firm Fails
Three months before the trial, a New York law firm represented a guarantor being sued for $8 million. The case was linked to the largest mixed-use real estate development project in the world. The lawyer who hired us said that “the case was an unmitigated disaster and that they needed us to mitigate it.” Another […]
Gambling Loan Dispute Chicago, IL
Gambling Friendship Gone Wrong After a Breach of Oral Contract
Michael Haeberle and Jack Battaglia represented a plaintiff in a dispute over loans given for gambling during a weekend trip to Las Vegas. The plaintiff and the defendant were close friends, and they shared an interest in gambling, which they often did together. During these outings, the defendant often asked the plaintiff to loan him […]
Winning for Lloyds: The Magic of New Technology
The Magic of New Technology. In federal court, we represented a small insurance brokerage company backed by Lloyds of London that was sued by a large insurance company represented by a large law firm. The large company claimed that our client, the brokerage company, had failed to enact rate increases for a force-placed insurance program […]
When Real Estate Partners Collide
A general partner in a real estate partnership sought our help. His limited partners obtained a restraining order to temporarily stop the sale of partnership condominiums to raise funds to pay $2.5 million in partnership debts, some of which were owed to the general partner. The limited partners then sought a preliminary injunction to prevent […]
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