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Judge for yourself whether you should hire us. Review these 25 cases (followed by notable appeals) litigated by our lawyers.

Winning for Lloyds: The Magic of New Technology
The Magic of New Technology In federal court, we represented a small insurance brokerage company backed by Lloyds of London that was sued by a large insurance company represented by a large law firm. The large company claimed that our client, the brokerage company, had failed to enact rate increases for a force-placed insurance program […]
When Real Estate Partners Collide
A general partner in a real estate partnership sought our help. His limited partners obtained a restraining order to temporarily stop the sale of partnership condominiums to raise funds to pay $2.5 million in partnership debts, some of which were owed to the general partner. The limited partners then sought a preliminary injunction to prevent […]
We Pioneered a New Area of the Law
We recently won a judgment in the pioneering field of anonymous internet defamation. Our client was defamed on an internet site by an anonymous internet poster. When we requested the owners of the website to reveal the identity of the poster, they refused. We successfully used Illinois Supreme Court Rule 224 to obtain an order […]
The Un-Neighborly Cooperative
Ten intrepid homeowners in a residential cooperative consulted us about illegal, fraudulent and oppressive actions taken by the cooperative’s board of directors. They had a choice to move out or stay and fight. They had the courage to fight. Our opponents had a million dollar insurance policy for lawyer fees, so we were outspent five-to-one. However, […]
The Relationship Between Personal Injury Actions and Insurance
In one case, we were asked to represent a disabled person injured by the negligence of a caregiver. The company that gave the care was broke, but it had insurance. The insurance company denied coverage arguing that the company gave it a tardy claim notice. Did the company care whether it had coverage or not? […]
Real Estate Development Litigation: Called in a Crisis
Called in a Crisis We met a real estate developer who was being sued for over a million dollars for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and related theories. His attorney had cancer and had to withdraw. His accountant recommended us to replace the attorney. We filed our appearance shortly after getting the […]