Our growth has created careers opportunities for attorneys and legal professionals of all ages in the Chicagoland area. We offer employees exciting work in a congenial, dynamic environment that encourages learning and growth. Employment at The Patterson Law Firm, LLC is open to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, political preference, gender or national origin.

We are always looking for lawyers who are familiar with the research and creative investigation needed to win complex business lawsuits. Beyond unquestionable personal ethics, the following is a list of qualities that govern our hiring and promotion decisions:

  1.     First-class talent: thorough knowledge of the law, excellent oral and written communication skills, analytical, comfortable with modern technology.
  2.     Creative: able to find solutions to difficult client problems.
  3.     Accountable: gets work done on time and efficiently. Takes responsibility for assignments.
  4.     Cooperative: a team player, including the ability to work with our other lawyers, staff, and clients.
  5.     Competitive: in a trial, someone wins and someone loses. Hard work is necessary and we want winners.
  6.     Confidence-inspiring: this is a blend of enthusiasm, positive attitude, and energy that attracts clients, is trusted by judges and juries, and daunts foes.
  7.     Fun: people who enjoy the work and relate well with each other.

If you are interested in working with us and possess our required qualities, contact us by email, facsimile, or letter. For new or recent graduates, please provide your resume, class rank, a writing sample, and references.  We will verify the facts on your resume and interview your references. For experienced practitioners, send us evidence of the above qualities in the form you think best.

We have a strong point of view on how to work up cases (thoroughly, tenaciously and creatively), interact with opponents (civilly), and present oneself to courts and juries (professionally and honestly).

If you are interested in careers with our Chicago law firm and our Legal Professionals, send an email to If you are a law student interested in a summer internship, please email Please provide your resume, your class rank, a writing sample, and references. To learn more about our attorneys and our practice areas, click here.

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