Our growth has created careers opportunities for attorneys and legal professionals of all ages in the Chicagoland area. We offer employees exciting work in a congenial, dynamic environment that encourages learning and growth. Employment at The Patterson Law Firm, LLC is open to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, political preference, gender or national origin.

We are always looking for new lawyers to join our team. We are looking for hardworking, exceptional performers that possess the following qualities:

  1. Thorough knowledge of the law
  2. Analytical skills (can identify important issues and think through options)
  3. Innovation and creativity
  4. Direct, concise and persuasive written and oral communication skills
  5. Perseverance
  6. Team player (can work productively with other lawyers, staff, and clients)
  7. Excellent public speaking skills
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills
  9. Logical thinking
  10. Exemplary writing skills

We offer competitive health care and other benefits. You will have client contact almost immediately. Because this is a young and dynamic firm, you will have the opportunity to shape its growth and become a leader.

We have a strong point of view on how to work up cases (thoroughly, tenaciously and creatively), interact with opponents (civilly), and present oneself to courts and juries (professionally and honestly).

You will attend about 18 annual internal legal education sessions in addition to the continuing legal education required by the court rules.

If you are interested in careers with our Chicago law firm, send an email to If you are a law student interested in a summer internship, please email Please provide your resume, your class rank, a writing sample, and references. To learn more about our attorneys and our practice areas, click here.

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