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Pinterest Wins Settlement against Cybersquatter

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, cybersquatting has become a challenging issue for companies trying to maintain their valuable web presence without interference from outside parties. Cybersquatting is the act of registering domain names in hopes of reaping profit in the future (when large companies with similar urls purchase them and have them redirected).

Last week, social media pinboard website Pinterest won a 7.2 million settlement against a Chinese cybersquatter who had registered over one hundred domain names similar to Pinterest.  Many of those urls like are still directing users to bogus websites with advertisements for Las Vegas, but they will soon redirect to the proper While the company originally sought the maximum 12 million in damages, it was pleased with the outcome and maintains that it will continue to protect their patents and trademarks.

Pinterest is currently involved in a separate trademark infringement lawsuit over its use of the letter ā€œPā€ in its logo; another social media company Path says that it closely resembles its own trademark.

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