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What is a lien claim in a construction dispute?

Lien claims necessitate compliance with the applicable statutes (e.g. mechanics lien) and vigilance in pursuing or defending collection claims. Claims that drag on for years without appreciable progress drain valuable resources and impede the acceptance of new projects. For parties seeking payment, the task is to collect the funds owed as efficiently and quickly as possible. For parties defending the claims, the goal is to pay what is owed rather than subsidizing the claimant’s inefficiency or unanticipated costs.

If you think you have a construction dispute on your hands make sure to contact an attorney with a strong track record related to construction disputes. Patterson attorneys Thomas E. Patterson and Kristi Browne have handled construction disputes, extra work orders, field changes, delay damage claims, and mechanics liens. Contact an attorney and collect all necessary documents and information related to the potential case. This could be documents related to work done and payments made, any and all correspondence, and facts about work done to legitimize any claims.

If you have a construction dispute contact Thomas E. Patterson at or call us at (312)-223-1699. 

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