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Breach Of Contract Lawsuit Against Oculus Dismissed

Total Recall Technologies (TRT) had its lawsuit against Oculus Rift recently dismissed with prejudice.

TRT had sued Oculus Rift because the Oculus Rift founder Palmer Lucky violated a confidentiality agreement in 2011. Lucky, founder of Oculus Rift, was supposed to build a virtual reality headset for TRT that would have been TRT’s intellectual property, but Lucky planned to announce the launch version of what would become the Oculus Rift.     

This case is similar to ZeniMax suing Oculus Rift for a breach of an NDA. ZeniMax won the 500 million dollar suit. That suit is on appeal right now. Oculus Rift obtained a dismissal with prejudice in their favor in the TRT case because an executive at TRT refused to authorize the lawsuit. This went against TRT’s articles of incorporation because a partner cannot act without all partners’ approval. A dismissal with prejudice prevents TRT from filing a second lawsuit based on similar claims.

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