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Clients sue disability attorney for legal malpractice after attorney pleads guilty to federal fraud case

Kentucky-based social security lawyer Eric Conn is being sued in a class action by former clients after Conn pleaded guilty in a federal fraud case. Conn pleaded guilty to bribing a social security judge and submitting falsified medical information to secure benefits for his clients over many years. Nearly 1,500 of Conn’s former clients were identified by the Social Security Administration for re-determination hearings and less than half won the decisions to retain their benefits. 

Conn’s former clients who lost their benefits as a result of Conn’s guilty plea joined in a class-action suit against the attorney seeking damages from Conn. Conn has since initiated a lawsuit against his insurance company to enforce coverage over Conn with respect to the former clients’ claims. If successful, Conn could potentially have close to $1 million in coverage, though, depending on how many clients are ultimately involved, it may only result in individual awards of less than $1,000. 

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