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The Grudge Producer Files Lawsuit Against Good Universe Production Company

Good Universe is a production company that currently holds the rights to the next remake of the Grudge series. The series, which is originally from Japan and known as Ju-On has been a wildly successful horror franchise since the early 2000’s. The series has grossed more than a quarter of a billion dollars worldwide. The original producer of the first Ju-On film, Taka Ichise, sold the rights for a fee and a producer credit on the new film. He claims he hasn’t received his producer credit yet.

A lawsuit has been filed in the Los Angeles superior court over the producer credit and ability to produce on the film. Ichise has called this a willful breach of contract on Good Universe’s end. Ichise has worked on every film in the series to date and claims his ability to work on the current film is being blocked. Ichise claims that he has the exclusive rights to make one or more derivative films based on “The Grudge” in his option agreement as a part of his contract from Senator International, Inc. Ichise states that in the option agreement rights are licensed out to people who accept the condition that Ichise is a producer on the film. This is not being done with the current film. The fees for being a producer include 2% of the budget up to $250,000 and %15 of all revenue given to Senator, which is what Ichise seeks in damages. Ichise maintains that he has performed all of his actions on the film, and been refused compensation for his work.

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