A Path to Victory: One Educational Training Center’s Road to Justice

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June 17, 2011


A Path to Victory: One Educational Training Center’s Road to Justice

CHICAGO, IL  – The Patterson Law Firm, LLC won an insurance coverage jury verdict for $534,000 in Cook County on June 16, 2011. The case involved the burglary of a company offering comprehensive software education training in July of 2003. The burglary resulted in a loss of equipment that led to the cancellation of classes; comprising more than 50% of the institute’s revenue. The institute’s owner claimed breach of contract against his insurance company for property loss, repairs to the premises and extra expenses incurred in trying to resume operational costs and business income lost.

Although it admitted that a loss occurred and that the stolen equipment and software was worth at least $137,000, the insurance company denied coverage and refused to pay anything for the claim. It maintained the software educational training company was not entitled to any payment under the policy because the institute’s owner allegedly misrepresented or concealed material facts during the intense eight-month insurance investigation. In May of 2010, the institute — still having received no compensation from the insurance company and unable to revive the classes that were cancelled due to the burglary — took the case to trial. However, the insurance company won this trial and the institute was left with nothing.

After this loss, the software educational training center retained the Patterson Law Firm, LLC to write a post-trial motion seeking a new trial.  After full briefing and argument, the trial judge granted a new one. The firm then defeated the insurance company’s petition for leave to appeal that decision.

At the new jury trial, the software educational training center obtained a jury verdict of $534,000 for the equipment the insurance company had valued at $137,000. The verdict included compensation for all losses claimed: business income loss, lost equipment and software, building repairs and extra expenses incurred in trying to resume operations.

“We feel vindicated,” Kristi Browne of the Patterson Law Firm and lead attorney on the case said. “The jury was able to reach a fair verdict that’s been a long time coming.”

With her on the case were Attorneys Christine Rosso and Kathryn Walker.

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