Patterson Law Firm Hosts Graduate Intern from IIT Stuart School of Business

CHICAGO, IL  –  May 2, 2012 – The Patterson Law Firm, LLC has partnered with the Advancing Career and Education (ACE) Program at the IIT Stuart School of Business on a mission to enhance students’ academic experiences through early exposure to business environments. The Patterson Law Firm, LLC is hosting a first-year graduate business student from India. Starting today, Shray Patel will begin working with the firm to complete a non-paid two-semester project assignment totaling 100 hours. Patel’s work focus will be primarily on competitive monitoring, online marketing and social and media relations.

The goal of the partnership is to complement the student’s academic experience with a workplace understanding that will effectively prepare the student for a professional internship opportunity and the post-graduation job market.

“This program exemplifies our commitment to experience-based learning and is a vital extension of our students’ academic curriculum,” ACE Program Manager Michael Aboutar said. “IIT Stuart’s ACE Program is a mutually beneficial partnership that allows our students to build real-world skills and prepare for internships and ultimate career placements while simultaneously assisting local organizations such as The Patterson Law Firm by providing capable, technically proficient business students to help with various organizational projects.”

IIT Stuart School of Business offers intellectually rigorous business education at all levels, from baccalaureate to doctoral. Core components of each program include creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, incisive decision-making and leadership.

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