The Patterson Law Firm, LLC Now Accepting Business Lawsuits on Contingency Fee

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January 25, 2013


 The Patterson Law Firm, LLC Now Accepting Business Lawsuits on Contingency Fee

CHICAGO, IL  – The Patterson Law Firm, LLC announced that it is now accepting business lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. Contingent fees allow payment to the lawyer for his or her time only from money obtained by a settlement or judgment. Typically those fees range from 33% to 40% of the amount collected.

The plan is attractive to many businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals because the lawyer shares the risk of success with the client and because no money is paid while the case wends its way through the court system. It also assures the client that the lawyer actually believes in the case.

“While contingent fees are more common in personal injury litigation, I see no reason to forbid them in business litigation as long as the case is large enough, money damages are the remedy, the client is committed and the case merits strong,” said Thomas E. Patterson of The Patterson Law Firm, LLC. “We can’t do anything about system delays caused by overworking our judges, but the incentive for us is efficiency and success.”

For the cases that The Patterson Law Firm, LLC agrees to work on a contingent-fee basis, the client is also expected to pull their weigh by providing relevant documents, giving depositions and explaining facts promptly, truthfully and completely so the firm can increase the chance of success. For cases that don’t qualify for the contingent-fee plan, most clients will be eligible for a blended arrangement of hourly/contingent fee or pure hourly engagement from the firm.

The Patterson Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to helping businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs win business lawsuits and facilitate effective business practices. Practice areas include breach of contract, commercial real estate, construction, director and officer liability, insurance coverage, shareholder disputes, legal malpractice, and emergency litigation cases.  With the top four lawyers having more than 114 years of combined trial experience, The Patterson Law Firm, LLC provides effective, efficient and ethical representation for clients.

Check out more details on our contingency fee package here.  To learn more about how The Patterson Law Firm, LLC can help you, call the office at 312.223.1699.


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