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Patent Litigators: If You Need a Preliminary Injunction, Where You File Your Case Matters

A recent report from LegalMetric Research reveals that success rates on contested preliminary injunction motions in patent cases is 30% nationwide. But did you know that the success rate varies by district? California Central’s win rate is 38% and New Jersey’s win rate is 40%.

We’re going to provide you a resource that will show which judges are most likely to grant a preliminary injunction. This information is important and can save your clients time and money: the two most valuable commodities in litigation.

Check out our infographic below with more stats on where to file your preliminary injunction. Click the link to view last week’s blog or check back next week for more business litigation tips. For more on patent litigation, click here or call (312) 223-1699 to speak with one of our Chicago litigation attorneys.



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