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10 Reasons a Lawsuit Will Not Resolve a Business Dispute

If you are considering filing a lawsuit in a Business Dispute, there are a few things you should consider before going forward with it.
  1. Your opponent has no money to pay a judgment.
  2. You think that all witnesses tell the truth.
  3. You fired all of your employees who are knowledgeable about the dispute.
  4. You lack the time to educate your lawyer about the dispute, retrieve relevant documents, or give a deposition.
  5. The cost of the lawsuit is more than you would benefit with total victory.
  6. You regard yourself as superior to jurors or the Judge.
  7. You owe your opponent more money than he or she owes you.
  8. You don’t want to turn over relevant documents to your opponent’s lawyer or they are already shredded.
  9. Your company or key witnesses must continue to do business with your opponent or his or her allies.
  10. You believe that just by filing the lawsuit, you will get a settlement.

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