Trump Gets Testy in Court

Last week Donald Trump, business mogul and TV personality, took the witness stand in a breach of contract case in Chicago.

The breach of contract lawsuit has been brought by Jackie Goldberg, an 87-year old owner of two condos in the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Goldberg was an early investor in Trump’s development and alleges that there were monetary incentives provided to her as such, including a revenue sharing plan based on profits from common areas within the hotel, including meeting rooms and ballroom rentals.

According to the lawsuit, however Trump later recanted the offer originally promised. Trump stated several times during his testimony that Goldberg requested that a clause allowing Trump to change plans at any time be removed, but that she purchased the condos despite the denial of her request.

He also spent quite a bit of time expounding on his hotel projects, but was unable to answer many of the questions about major decisions:  when they were made and by whom, and even whether or not he was present during these meetings.

According to several news reports, Judge Amy St. Eve had to reprimand Trump and the opposing counsel, Shelly Kulwin, often raising their voices in a struggle to speak over one another. At one point, according to the Chicago Tribune, Kulwin slammed a fist on the lectern and requested a private sidebar conversation.  The judge instead dismissed the jury and told Trump and Kulwin to maintain control.

Following the testimony, Trump went to the lobby to speak with the media, issuing statements against Goldberg, including claims that she was “playing the age card” as well as essentially trying to scam Trump in order to have her $500,000 deposit returned.

Ms. Goldberg has a background in both financial planning and real estate development, and claims to have done due diligence in looking into the purchase, intended as a long-term investment, before signing on. Soon after Goldberg purchased her two condos (priced at close to $1 million each), the incentives for buying into the property had changed.

Trump denies having falsely advertised the incentives in order to attract investors.

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