Sarah Palin Sued for Illegal Use of Historic 9/11 Photo

Sarah Palin is facing a lawsuit over the use of a post 9/11 photo depicting three firefighters hanging an American flag over ground zero. Palin used the photo for her political action committee SarahPAC‘s website and Facebook page.

However, the group that owns the rights to the photo, North Jersey Media Group, Inc., filed suit last week in Manhattan. The group is seeking Palin’s discontinuance of using the photo for her PAC as well as damages.

The photo was originally taken by a staff photographer for The Record, a newspaper owned by the media group and has gained national attention since being made into a stamp and kept in The Library of Congress.

According to NJMG’s attorney, requests for the photos to be taken down were not responded to by Palin’s PAC, thus forcing the company to sue.

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