Sports Memorabilia Collector Sues Giants and Eli Manning

It looks like Peyton isn’t the only Manning brother struggling at the end of football season. A New Jersey sports memorabilia collector has filed suit against quarterback Eli Manning and the Giants for selling him what he claims were fraudulent football collectibles.

According to the collector, Eric Inselberg, the items sold were tossed around to give the appearance of wear and tear, but were not actually used in the Giants’ season. One of the items specifically mentioned in the lawsuit was a helmet purportedly worn by the Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl and a helmet Manning wore in his first season in the NFL.

Inselberg claims that while Manning and the Giants made the helmet sold to the Professional Football Hall of Fame appear to be worn and authentic, he actually owns the real one.

Manning and the Giants deny the allegations brought forth by Inselberg. What is interesting, however, is that this particular collector has a legal history with the team. Inselberg was indicted in 2011 and 2012 for fraudulent sales of sports memorabilia; however, the charges were later dropped.

According to Inselberg, the indictment was a result of the Giants’ interference with the process by which the players tampered with the equipment that was going to be sold. He is seeking undisclosed damages.  The Giants maintain that the charges are without merit and both the team as well as Manning plan to defend the claims.

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