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Dan Akroyd Wins Intellectual Property Case Related to Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Akroyd and his Crystal Head Vodka were at the center of an intellectual property jury trial. Akroyd contended that the Crystal Head Vodka bottle design was stolen to create the bottle design for KAH tequila. Kim Brandi is the founder of Elements Spirits and the defendant in the case. She said under oath that she had never even seen Crystal Head before.

Akroyd’s attorney called a tattoo artist to the witness stand who was asked to design the original KAH tequila bottle. Walter “Buddy” Syzmoniak testified that Brandi was unsatisfied with Buddy’s original design and brought a Crystal Head bottle to Buddy as the basis for the design. She then revisited Buddy after years without contact to say she lied on the witness stand and pay him hush money.

Buddy’s testimony cracked the case wide open. He didn’t want to speak to anyone if Dan Akroyd wasn’t around. He was also worried he’d be sued as well for copying the bottle. Dan Akroyd agreed not to sue. Buddy then hopped on the stand and detailed Brandi’s crimes.

The jury spent only 4 hours deliberating. Akroyd and his team won the case. If you have an intellectual property claim to make, contact Patterson Law Firm at (312) 223-1699.

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