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Attorney Client Privilege Origin

The attorney-client privilege doctrine is one of the oldest known privileges in the legal system. It began in the range of Elizabeth the first in England. At that time, the attorney owned it rather than the client. It has survived in its current form in the United States since at least the 1880s. The privilege is controversial sometimes. Because people misunderstand the elements of the doctrine, it rests at the crux of two diametrically opposed legal principles. The basis of the attorney-client privilege doctrine is that more people will consult lawyers and reveal everything. Therefore, lawyers are able to provide good advice. The reasoning is if clients are able to consult with lawyers, more of them will do so. If clients give their lawyers all the facts, they will render better advice. When attorneys give better advice to their clients, more people will conform to the law. And people will adhere to more laws.

In this video, attorney Tom Patterson discusses the doctrine. He has given extensive talks on “How to Keep Secrets: The Attorney Client-Privilege”. Here at the Patterson Law Firm, we take this doctrine very seriously and your privacy concerns very seriously.

If you have questions or feel your attorney has violated that privilege, contact our experienced legal malpractice lawyers in Chicago today.

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